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Videoclips to be downloaded individually

Offer your videoclips for online download. Simple and easy. Hosting, management and billing all inclusive! Get up to 65% paid from net revenue.

Why VODmate?

Because all goes so incredibly smooth

Each clip is sold individually

Because every clip has its value. No content dumping using flatrates or subscriptions.

Currencies and Payment methods

Customers are charged either in EUR, USD or CHF. Payment with credit card, Paysafecard or Bitcoin.

Download and Streaming

The customer can download a clip to his computer or watch it on his mobile device by videostreaming.

Simple or individual?

Use our simple template or have us create a completely individual site.

Default template

In most cases the default template is more than sufficient. It consists of a main page with a list of the latest clips, an overview page as well as a contact/support form page. Colors and header graphics can be individually set.

Individual website

For larger projects we offer to create your own website based on your design ideas and even programming of individual modules.


You focus on production and marketing, VODmate does the rest.

Individual download

Each clip is sold and downloaded individually.

Real-time statistics

See your success live in the real-time statistics.

No need for customers to create an account

Customers that do not want to create an account don't need to. Those that do create one though also have later access to the purchased clips (Cloud Style).

Easy payment methods

Next to credit cards the customers can also pay with PaysafeCard or--very hip--with Bitcoins.

Mobile support

Since mobile devices normally don't allow file downloads in the browser the clips are streamed instead.

Clip management

You upload and manage your clips comfortably in the BackOffice.

Limit countries

It's up to you in which countries you want to offer your clips. Also which payment option will be available.

Clear summaries

Once a month the system generates a well arranged summary. Payout will be at the beginning of each month using bank transfer or Paypal.

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